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All SSI Activities are Selfless.

The quality of our service is most vital, not the quantity. We are willing and ready to volunteer ourselves whenever our services are required in our various jurisdictions.

Selfless Services International is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with the aim of protecting people from harm, preserving destinies by engaging in various humanitarian activities and interceding for people.

Selfless Services International is a voluntary movement which accommodates like minds that organizes effort to ensure the basic well being of people.

Preventing people from harm and protecting destinies.

To make every human being to live selfless and serve with sacrifice.

Leadership is service and service is sacrifice.

  • At SSI, we intercede for people.
  • We promote peace and harmony among persons, communities and groups.
  • Fighting crime, reorientation and educating young people to shun vices, discover their potentials .
  • We train people to be useful and selfless in their endeavor .
  • SSI relieves suffering and foster self reliance for people of all tribes and religion .
  • We provide opportunities for service .

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